Baba Fryo’s biography: age, net worth, songs, wife

Nigerian veteran singer Baba Fryo came under heavy criticism over a statement he made over the weekend.

Baba Fryo took to social media to call out Nigerian international singer and DMW label boss after the 27-year-old star made a donation of 250 million naira to orphanages across Nigeria as part of his birthday celebration.

The veteran singer stressed that Davido didn’t help him when he was depressed and in need of assistance.

Baba Fryo’s statement sparked reactions on social media, with many calling him out and asking why he didn’t save up when he was reigning; others asked who the veteran singer helped when he was at the peak of his career.

For those who may not know Baba Fryo, he was the brain behind the popular song Dem Go Dey Pose, which trended in the late 1990s. Some of his other popular songs include Denge Pose, Notice Mi, among others. Some of his colleagues included the likes of Daddy Showkey and Daddy Fresh.

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Profile Summary

Name Friday Igwe
Nationality Nigerian
Nickname Baba Fryo
Place of birth Ajegunle, Lagos state
State of Origin Married
Age Early 50’s
Marital status Married

Baba Fryo’s biography

His full name is Friday Igwe, and there are no details of his date of birth, but he is believed to be in his early 50’s. Baba Fryo was born and grew up in Ajegunle, also known as AJ, one of the most popular ghetto areas in Lagos state. The singer’s parents were from Delta state; there are no details of who they are or who any of his siblings are.

Baban Fryo is a Nigerian singer by birth and was one of the reigning singers in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


There are no details on Baba Fryo’s education history available online.


Baba Fryo started his music career in Ajegunle and happens to be one of the few Nigerians whose story can be described as from grass to grace. This is because he started his career in an environment regarded as a ghetto and still one till date.

He made it to the limelight with his song Dem Go Dey Pose, which comes with a danceable beat. Baba Fryo’s songs were written in Nigerian Pidgin, and he also created a dancing style called Galala, which he invented alongside legendary singers like Daddy Fresh, Daddy Showkey.

However, years later, new artistes took over the entertainment industry, and he was relegated to the background.

In an interview in 2015, Baba Fryo stressed that he was not frustrated out of music as he stated that he was still very much in the industry. The Ajegunle born singer, however, disclosed he’s a land speculator and was making earns meet from the business.

Baba Fryo claimed the Nigerian music industry has been dominated by Yahoo Boys and those dealing in drugs.

In 2020, Baba Fryo took to social media to call out for help from the Lagos state, Delta state and Rivers state government, as well as his colleagues and well-meaning Nigerians. The singer said he was battling depression and didn’t know when he made the post on social media.

In March 2021, Baba Fryo called out new generation singers from Ajegunle as he described them as being ungrateful for the opportunity given to them.

In November 2021, Baba Fryo took to social media to call out Davido for not coming to his aid in 2020.

Personal life

Baba Fryo in an interview in 2017 said he wished he was married to a woman who is also in the entertainednt industry.

According to the singer, if he had married a celebrity like himself, his music career wouldn’t have waned the way it did as his wife would have raised his career as well.

Net worth

There no details on Baba Fryo’s net worth.