A video which captures the heartwarming moment a man surprised his mother with a birthday serenade at the market where she sells okra vegetables was shared online.

In the lovely video, the lady is seen flanked by a group of people celebrating her in her stand at the market. They sing and cheer her on whilst she danced and enjoyed the lovely moment.

A Facebook user, Dorah Osas, who shared the lovely video on her page, wrote as caption,

This scene was captured earlier today at Ilepo Market in Lagos. It was the moment when a Son proudly and heartwarmingly surprised his Mum at her stand ( where she sells Okro) to wish her a happy birthday in a special way. Oh my! The joy alone in his Mum’s expression says a lot! What about the love in the Son’s eyes. Wow and the people around? Just look at how they blended into the elation and even gave their widow’s might freely! This is so sweet. Awwww

Watch the video,