Reality TV star, Angel Smith has noted that she’s not comfortable with fans pressuring her to take pictures or engage in a conversation with them.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate who took to Twitter to air her displeasure, said she hates it when fans talk to her and ask for pictures when all she wants is to stay quiet.

According to her, this mostly happens when she’s having a bad day. Speaking further, she recalled an incident at a club recently when a fan asked her for pictures and she turned her down.

She revealed that after she turned the fan down, her demeanor changed that she had to change her mind, and eventually allowed her take pictures with her despite not being in the mood.

In her words,

“Hate when people talk to me when all I want to do is shut up🧍🏿. Me:
People : ANGEL CAN I TAKE A PIX WITH YOU ON SNAP, ANGEL SAY HI TO SNAPPP, ANGEL JUST ONE PIX🥺👍🏿.And It be when I’m having a bad day too.

I remember when I was at the club and this pretty girl was like “can I take a picture with you” and for the first time I got the courage to say “no, I’m having a bad day”, her face fell and I switched my no to yes so quick”.