A young Nigerian lady has raised alarm after she was hypnotized and all her money collected at an ATM stand in Oyo state.

According to her, she had gone to use the ATM when a man approached her asking if the other machines were working and dispensing cash, she revealed she answered him and that was the last she remembered till she found herself at home.

On getting home she realized all her money was gone and her ATM card was later found by the security men at the ‘mouth of the machine’.

Narrating the incident while warning Nigerians to be extra careful, she tweeted,

“Went to withdraw money at the ATM stand this evening…while I was at it ,someone who I supposed wanted to withdraw asked if the the other machine was working I replied him and that was all I remembered when I got home ..🤦‍♀️💔💔how the money I withdrew left my hands and how I got home I don’t know 🥺 Y ’all be careful out there. Festive is coming. Diabolical people are at it again 🤧🙏🏼”.