Popular lesbian, Amara, in tears as she clashes with her mother over her sexuality (video)

Popular Nigerian lesbian, Amara, was in tears as she got into a verbal altercation with her mother over her sexuality.


In a video filmed by Amara, her mother is heard blaming her for the judgment she suffers from people because of Amara’s sexuality.


The mother also blamed Amara for causing people to point fingers at her.


But Amara tells her mother she’s not a “sin” because she’s a lesbian and it’s not her fault that Nigerians are judgemental.


“Mummy, I’m done. I’m done trying. Honestly,” Amara says with tears in her eyes, apparently affected by the conversation.


She adds: “I’m not a sin. I’m not a bad thing. I’m not your problem.


“I’m very sorry. I’m sorry people point fingers at you but it’s not my fault.”


Amara is a vocal Nigerian LGBTQ activist who has made it clear previously that she is not a sin. She has been marginalized multiple times because of her sexuality.


Below is a video of Amara and speaking to her mother.