Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has reacted after a lady had slid into her DM to demand a sum of N800k for her cosmetic surgery.

According to the curvy actress, the lady had begged her money for her face to get fixed to quench the thought of having low self-esteem.

The demanding lady said she felt terrible not looking beautiful and needed the actress to pay the amount after consulting the doctor that would carry out the surgery.

Reacting to the message, Moyo said she is confused at her request as she reveals that a sane person would not send such a message for a trivial matter. Adding that the lady is high.

Speaking further, she said this is one of the reasons why she doesn’t reply to messages from strangers.

She wrote:

So confused 😩💁abi this gal is high😔??? …. …. … this is why I run from my dms because all sorts of orisirisi 😳🙄🙄….. …… … … … please if you have anything serious to tell me , please just mail it to [email protected]