Avoid name calling and beating the

Ex-beauty queen, Iheoma Nnadi, has said that she is raising her children differently than the older generation did.

The mother of two and wife of footballer, Emmanuel Emenike, who stated this on her Instagram story on Thursday morning, advised parents to avoid using harsh and abusive words when speaking to their children even when they misbehave.

According to her, suchwords can have lasting negative effect because the new generation kids are ‘softer’ and moreover, they will use same words when interacting with their peers

“You know how some of our parent back then didnt know what they know now and would call us names (stupid, idiot, useless, olodo, bastard, why can’t you be like so and so) and we ended up being okay! (now they are proud of us)” she wrote.

“I just hope that we aren’t doing the same to our our kids now! They weren’t built like us. This new generation kids are softer and tbh it’s a form of abuse…I am training my kids not to use such words even in a heated argument with their peers cause really those words hurt deep sometimes and are provocative.

“There can be consequences for their actions but avoid name calling and beating out the ‘devil’. And remember your kids will use those words on other kids. Don’t let your child add pain to another person’s child. Train them well.”

Avoid name calling and beating the