Nigerian Comedian, Efe Warri Boy has advised members of the LGBTQ community to keep their sexuality private..

He said the challenge is that they “shine too much light on these things”, hence the persecution they face from society.

According to Efe straight people don’t announce their sexuality. He then questioned why gay people should announce theirs.

In his words ;

So the challenge is that we shine too much light on these things. Why must the whole world know s about your sexuality. Na you choose am. Go ahead and live the life. All this coming out of the closet idea is the problem. Those of us who are straight don’t announce it when we want to start having sex. So why tell us your sexual preference??? This video here now. Na private video with you and your mama. You record am put up here.

I’m getting really tired of all this things. You go come tell us your sexuality for public. But as comedians if I crack a joke from this your video now. Na wahala. Make everybody Dey their Dey Abeg. It’s your life. Live it. It’s your right. Make nobody come out of the closet again except you be R KELLY