Popular Instagram skit maker, Kelvin Anagbogu popularly known as Lord Lamba, has added a brand new Mercedes Benz to his garage.

Lord Lamba acquires

Photos of the new whip has been shared online and it’s said to be his third Mercedes Benz within the space of one year.

Meanwhile, this has generated mixed reactions on social media as netizens question the rationale behind splurging millions of naira on three luxury cars in one year.

Some others wondered if he owns a house already before buying multiple cars.

dr_morula wrote, “Does any of these celebs employ the services of a financial adviser? Seems they all think car is an asset.”

feidobanks wrote, “Hope say e dn build house”

major_cryptoqueen wrote, “Hope he is not living in a rented apartment”

olamiposi wrote, “Typical Nigerians mentality. It’s obvious there is competition among these small boys”

classic_bene_diction wrote, “This guy . You are calling EFCC on you. We know your skit can’t get this. Hmmmm”

See more photos below,