Veteran Nollywood Actress, Shan George has made a case for ‘Babymamas’ all over the world.

According to Shan, there is no such thing as a single mother, rather it is society that brings up words to make people feel small about themselves

No woman is a single mother. There’s mother and there’s father. Simple. Society is always looking for words to use for people to feel small and inadequate about themselves.

See some reactions below ;

adorables_fashion1 wrote ;

A single mother is a woman that has a child/children and is unmarried. The single there is to emphasize her status. A father can be single too. Its the child that can claim he/she has parents.

the_bimboakisanya ;

I am a single parent cos I am raising my child all by myself. We don’t need to twist it ma

jes_hair ;

What if she bought the s.p.e.r.m is she not a Single mom?

angel_caily ;

But she said the truth.. na person give her belle!!! There’s a man in the picture