Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo popularly called Omoborty has revealed her source of wealth as many people continue to question how she makes her money and drive the latest cars.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Biodun Okeowo said she’s not even wealthy, and where were those critics questioning her extravagant lifestyle when she was suffering and riding bikes.

Biodun Okeowo admitted that she is no longer into movie production full time, but it remains her first love, and she’s is not quitting 100% soon as she would still feature in a few great movies.

The curvy actress said that she’s still an actor, businesswoman, brand ambassador to many reputable brands and would soon launch her new investment line.

Biodun Okewo added that to set the record straight, she is a hustling single mother trying to make ends meet, and she’s not wealthy but comfortable.

She wrote: Why do people ask for people’s source of wealth? Am I even wealthy ni? Where were you people when Someone was suffering or riding bikes ? Eti siwin o! Well for those asking if I’m not into movies anymore….

Yes! I’m not into movies full time anymore. But it’s my first love and I am not quitting 100% soon… I will still feature in few outstanding movies.

I’m still an actor, a business woman, brand ambassador to many reputable brands… and I will be launching my new line of investment very soon.

To set the records straight… I’m a hustling single mom who is still trying to make ends meet. I’m not wealthy but just comfortable. All glory to God