Nollywood actress Didi Ekanam was devasted after her house and properties were incinerated in a fire incident in Lagos.

A series of videos shared on her page captured the actress crying helplessly and confused about the situation, stating that fire had engulfed everything she had worked for in Lagos.

Didi lamented that all her late nights of hard work had gone in a second and could only leave with her passport, questioning the way forward for her and her sister.

She wrote: Everything that I have worked for in this Lagos, all my efforts to have a good place to live in this , all my late nights of hardwork gone within a second . I’m only left with my passport .

Don’t know where I and my sister can go from here . I’m lost! Someone wake me up. God this is not your plans for me . I refuse to go through this heartbreak in Jesus name. Everything you blessed me with ahhhh