Nigerian musician and activist, Charles Oputa a.k.a Charly Boy has revealed that he fears for the future of young Nigerians. The veteran entertainer spoke of the state of the nation during a chat with media personality, Ebuka.

In his words:“Young people are beginning to realize they have to re-strategize and that the future of the Nigerian contraption can only be salvaged by the exceptional ones among them.

 “I’m worried because enemies who have stolen the future of young Nigerians will stop at nothing to wipe them out, he said.

Speaking further, the 71-year old said salvation lies in the hands of young Nigerians.

“Most young people were born as the rot worsened. Anyone born after 1970 didn’t witness the Nigeria I was born into. I feel sorry for them as it has always been bad from then when we started this downward slide

“I feel sorry for young people, many of whom are acting out in ignorance. They don’t know any better. But I still believe the salvation of Nigeria lies in the hands of exceptional people who are among the youth.

“I’m not surprised that, when young people leave Nigeria, they blossom. Young people should stop feeling there’s nothing they can do because they have so much working in their favour technology-wise and in numbers”.