The fact that a film is No 1 on Netflix doesn’t mean the movie is the best but is the Nigerian movie, “FINE WINE” actually deserving of the Number 1 trending movie on Netflix? Let’s find out.

Fine wine is a romantic comedy that centers on Kaima, a young corp member who is dating a senior account officer in the same bank. Her boyfriend did not pay attention to her, and she continually fought her way into his life. On one of the days he delayed her while on a date, she met with Mr George, a rich one who is also one of the top 100 rich African men on Forbes, but out of anger, she was rude to him, totally ignorant of who he was.

Unknowing to her, he was the same person her boyfriend was coming to meet, and when he found out she was initially rude to Mr George, he insisted she found a way to apologize to him.

Somehow, Mr George took an interest in Kaima, and she was stuck between choosing her boyfriend, who eventually proposed to her and Mr George, a 55-year-old man of two kids. Who did Kaima choose?

The “Fine wine” storyline is a regular love drama and quite predictable, but the plot twists are highly commendable. However, the character of Mr George’s son was unnecessary to the plot of the movie, and the story would have still been great without that character. Unfortunately, it made it seem like they just wanted Baaj to appear in the film at all cost, so they managed to squeeze him somewhere.

As much as one is likely to know how the film would end, the turn of events is one not many people would predict like watching.

Oh well, not every movie should have a complicated storyline, and so, it is safe to say the writer of “Fine Wine” did a great job.
The acting is the most commendable part of the film. The casting was perfect, and the acting was completely natural and seamless. The synergy between the characters would almost make you feel you are watching a real-life situation and not a film. Every single actor in “Fine Wine” did an excellent job.

The fact that Nse Ikpe Etim’s character showed up in video calls all through and yet the acting blended well is worthy of note.

The director knows his onions, and following other movies Seyi Babatope has directed, he is good, no doubt. The casting of the actors was perfect, and there was hardly any unbelievable scene. The scenes and actions were just on point.

However, it was pretty funny that the cars in Mr George’s compound and the director could have worked on that. Also, his daughter was at a wedding, and there wasn’t any noise? That is questionable.
The cinematography, costume, and makeup department also did a good job. If you are a lover of love, then “Fine Wine” is a movie you shouldn’t miss.
The movie deserves a 9/10