Popular skit maker and activist, Mr Macaroni has stated that justice is the only way the Nigerian government can achieve closure on the #EndSARS crisis.

Recall that back in October 2020, army operatives had opened fire at unarmed protesters at the Lekki tollgate in Lagos.

A panel set up to probe the cases of police brutality recently listed 48 casualties of the #EndSARS protest.

It established, contrary to the federal government’s denial, that nine citizens died and four others went missing.

In an interview with Arise Tv, Macaroni said: “What I think of the white paper? Recommendations were made by the panel. I expect that these recommendations are accepted; that the events of police brutality up until October 20, 2020, are formally acknowledged,” Mr Macaroni said.

 “The recommendations, going from justice for victims; a public apology from the government; police reform and all of that, should be put in place. Anything contrary to what the panel has recommended will not cut it.

“It would simply mean that the government is not willing and ready t accept the reality of things. They just want to pretend as though nothing happened. What they’re simply telling us is that we should have a walk of peace.

“Will the walk of peace erase all that has happened? Will it change all that has happened to me personally? We need to sit down, accept the facts, and work on these facts. That’s what will cut it. Closure for me will be justice.”