The management of Dowen College in Lagos state has released a statement addressing claims of a 12-year-old student killed over his refusal to join a cult.

This comes after a Twitter user alleged that the deceased died from injuries sustained after he was allegedly beaten by his fellow students in the school.

 Lagos school counters

The Twitter user, who claimed to be a cousin of the deceased, had taken to the platform to call out the school and demand justice for the death of his cousin.

He claimed that after the boy was beaten to a pulp by the cult boys who he identified before he died, the school called his dad, alleging that he got injured while playing football.

However, on getting to the hospital, doctors confirmed that he had been severely beaten, causing internal damage. Read here.

In a new development, the school has now released a statement countering claims that he was bullied and beaten by his colleagues.

The school maintained that the boy was injured while playing football, and was subsequently given first aid treatment by a registered nurse in the school.

According to the statement, they contacted his mum to come pick him up for further medical treatment, but after an initial delay, he was taken for an x-ray which allegedly showed that he didn’t suffer any internal injuries.

Speaking further, the school maintained that it is a faith-based college and vehemently condemns cultism and other social vices.

Read the statement below,