Beautiful!!!😍😍😘😘. And some bunch of inconsequential segment of Nigeria are asking her to stay away from TUFACE🤣. The earlier Annie get used to it, the better. Pero is here to stay, ALWAYS in your face. She’s a gold fish anyway. Three wonderful kids, I repeat 3 wonderful kids, and some yanminrins are asking her to move on. To where if I may ask? Insignificant tribe and 3rd class citizens always think they have an opinion. Èní kú ré, Awón Ómó ajokuta máá mun min. Ómó Igbo oshi. No shaking. She’s here to stay. WE DIE HERE………PERO Hit It FIRST😋😋😎 Annie, deal with it. You can’t rewrite history🤣🤣🤣

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