A young man has reportedly insisted that his girlfriend terminate her pregnancy because he wants their baby to share their birth month.

The girlfriend made this known while opening up to popular Instagram content creator and actress, Mariam Bakre, better known as Mory Coco.

The mother of one had taken to her Instagram stories to ask that her followers share their secrets or whatever is bothering them with her.

The lady who’s pregnant for her lover then seized the opportunity to tell Mory Coco about how her lover wants her to abort the pregnancy because he wants his baby to share his birth month, and since this baby wouldn’t arrive at his desired time, he insisted that she terminate it.

“My bf wants an abortion because he wants our baby sharing his birth month. I feel so bad rn”, she wrote.

Reacting to the revelation an Instagram user @chi_a.m.a.k.a wrote, “Them dey use this one head play ludo😂😂does the excuse not sound lame? How can you believe that?”

@mcodedmediahouse, “Sis runnnnn oooo he no go marry you, that’s why he doesn’t want any thing between you guys 😂😂😂”.

@excellent.designs, “He doesn’t love you 1 bit… Flee from such man 😢😢 a man who doesn’t want to know if you’ll diie in the process 😢😢”.