Suave actor, Timini Dakore has revealed that he finds it difficult to shed tears an actor. The ‘Get me lit’ initiator made this known in a recent chat on ‘Tea with Taymesan’ podcast.

According to him: “Till now, I still don’t know how to cry as an actor.Nollywood girls are really good in crying. The pressure of being on a movie sets at times makes it difficult to cry.Nollywood needs to change that. Crying is not the only way to show a breakdown of emotions”.

Speaking further, ‘The Breaded Life’ actor also said some people still find it difficult to watch Nollywood movies.

“There are still audience of people in that other side of my world that still don’t watch Nollywood movies. Because they have probably watched a few Nollywood movies and they haven’t been satisfied, they just believe that we are not being good enough .It’s my job to convert those guys to Nollywood lovers, to Nollywood fans”.

Timini has featured in movies like Elevator Baby, Dwindle, Juju stories, Isoken, amongst others.

Back in  April 2020, he joined several actors like Jemima Osunde, Nick Mutuma and Lerato Walaza along with several actors from Kenya , South Africa , Nigeria and Cote D ’Ivoire to help with the campaign to stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.