Popular Instagram comedian, Ojo Boluwatife Babatunde, otherwise known as Isaac Bholu, has opened up on the reason he got into skit making.

In a chat with YBL, the final year student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta revealed that he discovered his passion for skit making during a long ASUU Strike.

He also shared a bit about his background, how his life’s journey has been so far and his future plans.

Read excerpts from the chat below;

So let us get to know the man Isaac Bholu ?

My name is OJO boluwatife Babatunde, I was born and Raised in Ibadan, I’m the first Child with Two Siblings, Currently we are a Family of 4 including my Mom, My dad is LATE.
I went to Smark Kiddies College(Primary school), Ariyo international College(Secondary School) and currently still in Federal University of Agricultural Abeokuta just a semester to go

Isaac Bholu shares

When was the first time you knew you were funny?

The first time was when I started in 2015, once I drop a video I saw so much positive vibes which inspired me to do more. Good reviews from people has also been part of my inspiration that keeps me going.

Isaac Bholu shares

When did you start having a passion for skit making?

I started having passion for skit making 2015, during Asuu strike most student were home doing nothing, it was then I started having passion and started making skits

Who are those that inspired you to become a skit maker?

Twsye_ereme was my biggest inspiration and he his still my biggest inspiration, I always look up to him. Then instagram video was just 15secs and within that period you have to make people laugh

How do you view your career as a skit maker, a temporary one or a full time job?
A first I was into Skit making fully, along the line I had other things coming up and skit making just became temporary for me

Are you one of those skit makers that hire script writers or you are purely original with your contents?
I don’t hire script writers, all my contents are from things that happen around me or scenarios I found myself, I create my own content

In the climax of your career what do you want to be remembered for?

That funny guy that likes food

Isaac Bholu shares

How did you start your transition from a student to a social influencer, how did you grow your social audience?

It has always been about consistency and relatable contents, I had few viral videos that went far and wide that helped building my social audience. Big thanks to those that supported me, their support greatly helped building my audience

How do you define what you do for a living?

I’m an Investor full time, I’m running few investments and businesses and also a brand Ambassador

Isaac Bholu shares
World Travel Market London

What is your act about and how do you get material

I act different roles, I find it hard to take a particular role but I intend to focus on my KUDUS Character (A dumb guy that just likes to eat)
I get materials from things around me, things that happens to people and we can all relate to, and sometimes from just random thinking

Isaac Bholu shares

What inspires the story behind your skits

Alot of things inspires my skit, my friends, my environment, my family especially my mom and sometimes just from people’s personal experiences, just funny day to day scenarios.

You have achieved success through social media, how important is social media and how can a person leverage on it to showcase his talent ?

Social media is very important, even if it is seen as a fake life showcase platform, people are making good use of it and are making money from social media. and it has helped me build my brand to a particular level I’m willing to push more to have a better brand

What advice would you give new comedians just starting out

There are lots of new comedians and skit makers, and most of them just think it’s about being tagged a comedian, as a comedian you must be able to deliver well and be creative with content, not just basic content, creative content. It’s not easy to make people laugh but as a comedian you have to be able to make them laugh.

There are a lot of instagram comedians and more are still coming. What are your plans to stay relevant in the industry

My plans are to keep being consistent and to be more creative, which is very important to stay relevant.

What next for you or should we expect from you?
Expect more entertaining contents, I and my Team are working hard to bring more creative contents to everyone