A Nigerian lady has called out a hospital in Lekki, Lagos state, for allegedly abandoning her friend in labour for being rude to them.

The lady identified as @yeeeka on Twitter, took to the platform to slam the hospital for neglecting her friend for hours even though she had fully paid for their services.

According to her, her friend had to go to another hospital under short notice to deliver the baby but she unfortunately lost the child.

She narrated the incident that transpired at the hospital and called for justice for the child.

Read as she wrote below,

“So that is how @evercarehospitallekki said my friend was rude to them and didn’t attend to her … I mean a woman in Labor who had paid fully for your services, not only that her water had broken!!! You left her unattended to for hours.

“Someone who came in at 2am @evercarehospitallekki left her till about 5:30am unattended, my friend had to go to another hospital with her baby’s head almost out… she got to the hospital had an emergency only for us to loose the baby now tell me how these wicked people are still running.

“All this uselessness hospital could say is sorry… sorry for what exactly not like she hadn’t paid in full for your services o. All we want is justice for this child @evercarehospitallekki.”

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