Nigerian music executive cum blogger Ubi Franklin has tackled Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw over the incident involving Sylvester Oromoni, a student of Dowen College.

Ubi Franklin had on Friday called out some celebrities who ignored speaking on the issue because of their relationship and ties with the owner of the school.

Reacting to this, Kate Henshaw, in a video shared on her Instagram page, slammed those calling her out on social media for not speaking on the issue, stating they are all hypocritical.

Kate Henshaw noted she has always been at the frontline speaking for people who have been molested, violated and battered, but her outburst is always taken for granted.

The actress added that she chooses when to speak out and people should not remind her or tag her in some meaningless post.

Responding to this, Ubi Franklin tackled Kate Henshaw, saying he did not need her for anything but was only interested in getting justice for the deceased.

While commending Kate Hanshaw for her always speaking out regarding similar issues in the past, Ubi Franklin said he wasn’t referring to her but close pals to the owner of Dowen College.

Listen. If you never liked me and use that as an attack. I no kukuma need you for anything. Justice, if you want disrespect, you shall be served 100% close to the owner of the school. So shhhhiiii, you have in the past weighed in on issues like this yes.

But I wasn’t referring to you, but close pals of the school owner and that WQA spelt out clearly. II no one people wey you dey bully aunty