Former Big Brother Naija Housemate Isilomo has slammed Nigerian comedian Funny Bone for saying nothing is entertaining about her.

Trouble started after Isilomo in a post shared on her Instagram story, said she despises Nigerian comedians who dress as women to appear funny.

The reality TV star added that the trend had made her angry over the years and questioned what is funny about being a woman.

Reacting to this Funny Bone in a comment on an Instagram blog tackled Isilomo saying nothing was entertaining about her during the BBNaija reality show, but he managed to watch it.

Funny Bone said that some female comedians dress like men, but they do not complain. Hence, comedians are not the cause of her problems.

He wrote: Same way I dealt with watching you on BBN. There was nothing Entertaining about your personality but I managed.

Aunty some female comics also dress like men e.g Taoma and MEN don’t complain. Pls drink some water and rest . Those comedians are not the cause of your problems . Direct your anger to Bubu. Byeeee

Responding, Isilomo in a post shared on her Instagram story laughed over Funnybone statement, saying that the reality TV show is like an event that occurred 50 years hence he should use another line to taunt her.

She wrote: Hey @funnyboneofficial lol BBN was like 50 years ago try another line or suck my dick respectively