TerryTheVoice goes to University of Oxford


Voice-over artist, psychologist and musician, Terrence ‘TerryTheVoice’ Ugochukwu Odenigbo, has been selected as one of the participants of James Currey Writing and Publishing Workshop Class of 2022 at the African Studies Centre, University of Oxford. 


After completing his degree in psychology and travelling round the world, investing in the arts, he will travel to the UK to undertake a writing and publishing workshop, to be facilitated by British-South African writer and James Currey Fellow, Stephen Embleton. 


James Currey Writing and Publishing Scholars are selected on the basis of academic achievement, leadership, and dedication to their writing and arts. The scholarship is named in honour of British publisher, James Currey’s contributions to African scholarship and literature. 


This year, over 120 applications were received. 


Odenigbo was raised in Enugu, Nigeria. His goal is to become a known voice over artist, musician and investor,  who builds platforms for artistic expression that can be used to democratize musical and creative education.


As a psychologist and musician, Odenigbo wants to use the power of literature and music to foster connections between people, enabling all communities to have a voice in expressing themselves artistically.