Firefighters called to rescue teens after they get stuck in trolley while filming TikTok stunt

Two teenage girls got stuck in a shopping trolley when filming TikTok content went wrong.


Dani and her friend were at Munno Para shopping centre in Adelaide, Australia, when they saw a few trolleys and thought it would be fun to push each other around while filming a choreographed video.


They climbed in together and took the trolley for a joyride but when it was time to get out they couldn’t 


“I told my friend to get up as she was sitting on my legs. She said she couldn’t move and then I tried and couldn’t move either so that’s when we realised we were stuck in this trolley,” Dani said.


The girls became stressed and called 000.


When firefighters showed up they exclaimed they had never seen anything like it before and laughed.


The girls were handed safety goggles before the firefighters got to work cutting them out of the trolley.


The entire rescue was captured and posted on TikTok.


Watch below.