To a large extent, films showing at the cinema are expected to meet a certain standard, and while some have, some have been absolute disappointment. So the question is; What category does the Nollywood movie “DUBARA” fall into?

Dubara is an adventurous movie that tells the tale of different persons looking for a historical artefact called the Dubara.

The film started with a historical throwback of how the Dubara was lost. From there, the story moves to a present scenario where someone is seemingly interested in getting this Dubara.

Special invitations are being sent out to people who might be interested, and there is a cash price of 10,000 dollars for whoever finds it. Somehow, most of those who get the invite aren’t so interested, and the invites eventually get to the hands of seemingly poor people like bus conductors, petty traders, and all.

There are top characters like a millionaire businessman who lost all his money and a politician who was robbed off party money. There is also a corp member there who will do all she can to get the Dubara, including seducing the coordinator. Does this work for her? Who eventually gets to find the Dubara? Did anything happen to them in the jungle? Well, you will have to find that out yourself.

Starting from the title, “Dubara” there is something quite inquisitive but not very interesting about it. Yes, it makes one curious of what “Dubara” means, but it isn’t a title that particularly pushes one to watch. However, the title is essential for a writer to get right because that is one of the critical elements that would drive anyone to see the film.

The film started well, and with that kind of introduction, you would want to see what would happen in the rest of the movie and the angle at which the film would go.

The production was not good, and it wasn’t until later into the movie that it seemed like the picture was getting clearer. It can be a huge turn off for anyone seeing the movie, plus, for a cinema film in 2021? That wasn’t great. 

The storyline is fair, and truthfully, not a lot of intelligent thinking went into the scripting of “Dubara”. It is the old tale of people looking for something in the bush, and for a cinema standard, it is a No-No.

Not much is expected from the director, considering how the storyline is. The writer and director tried to make it a mixture of comedy and tragedy, but really, they didn’t have a perfect shot at that. There were times you would probably ask yourself what the director was trying to achieve. But, in all, the directing was fair.

The acting too is far, and there were a lot of “unnecessary” actions that made the film unamusing at some point. Regardless, Brother Shaggy’s acting is commendable and in some way, he managed to spice up the movie.

Dubara as a whole is just a fair movie that has absolutely no business in the cinema. For ratings, it will get a 3/10