Popular comedian, Woli Arole, has advised his fans and followers to never let themselves be pressured by what they see on social media.

Woli Arole warns

In a post shared on his Insta-stories the comic act stated that people post only what they want others to believe, which might necessarily not be the reality.

He urged people to live their lives to the best and stop ‘tensioning’ themselves by social media.

In his word,

“Social media has now become a yardstick of success for some people. People are now moved by what they see here, followers and all. See let me be sincere there are people that are doing well in LIFE with less than 1000 followers, some are not even on Social media at all. More reason I value and I appreciate everyone. The world here is “PERCEPTION”, the world here is “MAKE BELIEVE”. Many people look RICH online and very BROKE real life. Stop tensioning yourself with SOCIAL MEDIA. Live your life to the best you can.”