Controversial social media personality and relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro a.k.a Blessing CEO has slammed veteran actress, Ada Ameh for correcting Kemi Olunloyo over a statement she made about the late Dowen College student, Sylvester Oromoni.

Kemi Filani News recalls that Ada Ameh had slammed Olunloyo for claiming that Sylvester was willing to join the cult group, adding that he consented to be beaten and he agreed to drink engine oil. Olunloyo also claimed that the boy willingly told the guys initiating him that he has seen his sister’s privates. She also compared boarding school to Big Brother Naija.

The outspoken Blessing CEO wrote on her Instagram page: ”This is an appeal to mummy @adaameh .
I watched you as a kid and my kids still watch d Johnsons. Pls
can you change your strategy and way of correction and calling people out. I know Nigerians are hailing you every time you do this but pls you don’t have to correct with insult, abuse and words that are so depressing.

“Personally I completely disagree with dr Kemi but this is not even about her, it’s about every other person you have tried to correct, drag or drop your opinions.
You are an elder and it’s ok to correct us, disagree and throw your opinions once in a while but not like this, this is violent, bully and too abusive, if anybody pick your words and throw it back at you just because they disagree with you or don’t like what you said you won’t like it too.
You made sense, in everything you said, but the way you keep saying it, is a complete NO.
Let us stop creating same monsters”.

Her statement has sparked different reactions from fans on social media.

@NkechiBlessingSunday said: Blessing when you loose someone come back and show us your reaction..Enuf Abeg! Hian

@Clemslifestyle: People react different ways . U can’t tell me how to react . Leave her to let her anger out

@Sugarcheekah added: Nobody can understand the pain until one loses her baby, a friend lost her little niece yesterday, the pain I saw, if anyone dare says trash, they could literally tear the person down. If Slyvester was our baby or your baby, I bet you the energy won’t be the same. Kemi needs to rest. A family is grieving, let’s not add to their pains.