There’s continued to be varying reactions to the preaching of a controversial female social media evangelist, as in a new teaching, she’s proclaimed that applying phonetics while speaking is a sin, and it displeases God.

The female evangelist who is usually referred to as Mummy GO, is quite popular for her controversial teachings. In a new video, she advises that people should speak in the way they can, saying that ‘speaking phonetics‘ is a sin: a claim that caused a stir on Instagram.

Reacting to the video on Instagram, a user @lagos_abuja_best_massage__ Omo wrote, “Na wa o. Breathing is a sin too?

Another user wrote, @lanreshonubi wrote, “I agree with this one.

And yet another, @amma_the_duchess wrote, “But mummy GO It’s like I’m hearing a lirru sprinkle of phonetics as you are talking oh.

Watch the video,