One Houston-based Nigerian pastor, Shola Adeoye, has urged parents to teach their sons to cook as it will come in handy one day.

The clergyman in a post shared on his Instagram page said a man who can’t cook is an open target for the devil, because he’ll end up eating his enemy’s food.

A man who can’t cook is an open target for the devil, teach your boys. He will eat the food of his enemy without knowing. Teach your boys how to run the kitchen. They will one day need it”. He wrote.

A while ago Adeoye has alleged that some pastors entertain their guest ministers by giving them beautiful women after they’re done preaching.

Dr Shola Adeoye who is the founder of Lighthouse Church, shared with his followers on Instagram that he has experienced the act may times, saying the church is in deep trouble and need a transformation.

The pastor wrote on Instagram,

“Do you know Pastors entertain their guest ministers with beautiful ladies after preaching? Don’t be shocked; I have experienced it many times. The Church is in deep trouble. We need a transformation. May God help us.”