Titilayo, the mother of former Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemate Angel Smith has been dragged on social media for defending her daughter for age-shaming people.

Angel had taken to the microblogging platform Twitter to express feelings for women stating they are soft and beautiful.

However, the reality TV star places a disclaimer on her post, noting that the tweet is not meant for ladies who are age 30 and above who are probably civil servants.

Angel wrote: I really love women, everything about them is soft and beautiful. Disclaimers: This tweet is not for the bitter aunties 30 and above who are probably civil servants.

The post earned Angel several criticisms, and her mother came to her defence, stating that netizens took her daughter’s tweet out of context.

She wrote: When you people just read and not understand. When she said I really love women; everything about them is soft and beautiful, she is talking about women with beautiful heart and soul and she went on to say this tweet is not meant for aunties with bitter hearts. I hope you understand now.

Reacting netizens dragged Angel’s mother for supporting her daughter’s wrongdoings, defending her incompetence and lack of home training.

jummays wrote: The job they were supposed to do several years ago, now they are defending their incompetence.

therealcoco wrote: Her parents should stop being all up on her social media whatever …not nice

vicky.kisitu wrote: Imagine some one coming online to defend her Daughter that age Shames people!! That her particular tweet was sooo pathetic, and uncalled for .She will not remain 21 forever heloooo she will age !! And it’s not bad to age!! I hate women that age shane fellow women..
the annoying part of it all tomorrow she will start writing epistles on how she’s mentally drained yet she’s actually calling drags on to her self effortlessly!!! It’s her Double standards for me

gmazana2018 wrote: I see where the daughter’s lack of proper home training is coming from.You are more than welcome to shed tears under my comment, I will be back to sip them