3 Reasons Why The Kidz and More Products Are An Excellent Choice For Your Skin Issues

You may have been struggling with acne, dry skin, and other skin concerns. You have tried so many products and DIY recipes, to no avail. Stop it! These actions may be further worsening your skin. We are here to assure you, that you have reached your last bus stop. Here is why – The Kidz and More brand has products that are well-researched and carefully formulated, with love and scientific backing just for you. With an array of products specifically designed to meet whatever skin issues you might be battling, your skin problems are finally over.


1) We Utilize The Best Ingredients Fit For Your Skin Needs


Our famous lotion, The Kidz & More Organic fair active moisturizing body milk is a non-greasy, fast-absorbent, body milk which contains the best of natural oils including Coconut, Almond, Avocado, and Organic Shea butter. These oils and butter ensure that this body milk deeply moisturizes, rejuvenates, and mildly improves your skin tone. As we all know, our weather here is very hot and this product contains SPF 30 which protects your delicate skin from the damaging effects of the sun rays. Consistent use of our moisturizing body milk with SPF 30 means that when you are in your 50s and older, you will not be a candidate for skin cancer.


The Kidz & More Mixed Fruit Super Moisturising body milk with Vitamin C contains multivitamins which replenishes lost skin moisture and prevents dry-dehydrated skin. It also contains Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that helps your skin look young and fresh, the older you go. The Kidz & More Organic Fair active Bath and Shower milk helps to keep your skin soft and silky smooth after a bath. It is fomulated with real milk extracts and gives you this soft, tender, and luxurious feeling after a bath. In addition, it effectively nourishes your skin while deep-cleansing it of excess oil and dirt. We can assure you that you will not experience, that dry squeaky-clean feeling many people complain about with other products.


Our product line also contains the Kidz & More Moisturizing Milk Soap which is a soap heavily-infused with moisturizing agents like almond and avocado oils that smoothen, retain moisture, and safely brighten your skin.


2) We Will Not Jeopardize Your Skin With False Claims


At Kidz & More, we assure you that you will reap these wonderful skin benefits by being consistent with the usage of our products. We assert that daily usage over a period gives you visible benefits – the soft, toned, moisturized, and nourished skin you desire and deserve. We do not promise any quick seven-day action, as we know such promises are unrealistic and ultimately unhealthy for your skin. We are aware that products with such claims typically contain very harmful ingredients that eventually lead to skin cancer, liver and kidney disease amongst others.


It is also noteworthy to share with you, that contrary to the name of the brand, our products are actually perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults. Indeed, it is the perfect family skincare brand! As is popularly said, any skin product that is good for kids can be used by anyone else. This is because infants and young children possess more sensitive skin compared to adults. By extension, this means that adults with sensitive skin can also relax – our products will work well even for you too.


3) We Will Not Bleach Your Skin


We sincerely understand the skepticism you might have about organic brands in general. However, we boldly maintain that none of our products will bleach your precious skin. As a brand, we stand solidly against skin bleaching as we are aware of the disastrous effects it has on our melanin skin. Subsequently, we have ensured that our products have passed the required regulatory guidelines. The Kidz and More Brand has been approved by NAFDAC and all our products have been tested as safe for the entire family.


After reading all these wonderful benefits, we know you may be interested in knowing more about our product line and purchasing these products. Simply send us a message on our Instagram Page. You can also chat with us on WhatsApp for your enquiries. To facilitate the shopping process, simply visit www.kidznmoreng.com online to purchase whatever products you need. You would also find our products available in major retail outlets around the country. For skin that makes you proud and willing to show off, the Kidz and More brand has got you covered!