Kris Asimonye, the wife of Nigerian comedian Bovi, has shared an emotional moment their daughter Elena reunited with her brother, who recently returned from the UK.

In the post shared on his Instagram page, Kris Asimonye revealed that it had been an emotional wreck for the family, with the UK putting Nigeria on the red list.

However, their son could make it for Christmas through the help of some people who came through for her.

The video captured the moment Bovi’s daughter excitedly ran to the brother and were seen hugging passionately.

She wrote: My baby @davidbovijnr is back home just in time for Christmas!!! I was such an emotional wreck last week with the uk putting us on the red list.

And then God sent me some Angels and they came through for me @eseyoma.s.w @poshmom16 @koodie_i @jessicamaeobioha @mcbarnabaso thank you all so much!! You have been such a great support system to me, God bless you forever.

@uyoyogram has looked forward to this day so much!! I can’t believe it’s finally here

Kemi Filani News recalls Bovi Ugboma made a special appeal to NTA Benin while sharing his childhood moments with his fans.

Recounting his early days, the comic actor said his first encounter with an audience lives on tv was in NTA Benin, where he performed a poem.

His 5-year-old self was proud of himself when his aunty, a presenter at that time, took him home for a repeat of the show where he could see his performance on the black and white tv.

Upon tuning in to the station, the power company interrupted the power when it got to his part and restored it when his part was over.