It was a delightful experience with Mr Linus Idahosa – the  Chairman of Del-York Group and the President/Founder of Del-York Creative Academy(DCA), as the eagerly motivated crop of talents across the African continent convened during the currently ongoing 2021 Del-York Creative Academy skill training program for film and media. 





In his address, Linus Idahosa shared his story as well as his vision and motivation for the creative industry, charging the inspired talents to take charge of their own future and the future of the creative industry. 


“We are storytellers,” said the Founder, “but some of the best stories that we will produce out of this place could be stories that will come from someone who is sitting beside you.” 





He admonished the cohort in the DCA 2021 program to use creativity as the major tool to solve the problems faced in the nation, as well as to ‘think and stay hungry’ to become the game changers for the creative industry.