Controversial Gambian born Ghanaian actress, Princess Shyngle is in the news again.This time, Shyngle shocked her fans when she said she only want gay friends.

According to her, she is tired of boring judgmental ‘straight.’ people.

Princess made this known via her instastories.

“At this point in my life, I think I only wanna have gay friends.I am sick and tired of y’all boring a** hiding as straight M**os”.

Her statement has elicited diverse comments from fans.

@Dullayaro: They done use besty besty collect pant for this one hand too much 😂

@Queen_oma_chukwu: Gay friends are the best👌🏼 They are very honest.

@Vivian_chidimma: Frustration under tension 😂😂😂😂Omo

@Misschidel: Every body get Wetin the do them for this life ooo

@Sweetrhukkie: This particular woman has different things to say 😂

Kemi Filani News recalls that back in October Shygnle narrated how she was able to cope after losing her pregnancy.

Shyngle said the doctor also advised her to undergo surgery so as to avert the problem where “my fallopian tube will burst and I’ll have internal bleeding and die immediately”.

“This is a video of me when I was so depressed and sad, June 27th 2021 hands down the worst day of my life after celebrating for weeks and preparing for my new bundle,” she wrote.

“Started shopping for baby clothes, shopping for maternity sexy clothes, planning pregnancy photo shoots for when my tummy gets bigger, planning baby shower was so excited that my baby will be born in December/January and be a capricorn like me.

 “Well God had other plans I rushed to the hospital because of severe abdominal pains I was scared for my baby and was praying to God to please protect my baby for me.

“When I got to the hospital my worst nightmare came to reality the doctor told me that I had an ectopic pregnancy and if they don’t rush me in for surgery immediately my fallopian tube will burst and I’ll have internal bleeding and die immediately.

“I cried, my heart was broken, I was like why me God why I called my mom immediately we both cried and she prayed for me so I was rushed in.

“Woke up the next morning with the worst pain, stitches on my tummy, I couldn’t use the bathroom or even walk, I was alone all by myself no one there for me or to take care of me it was hard.”