Popular cross dresser and dancer, James Brown has said that being gay isn’t a crime.

The internet personality made this known during an interview with Hip Tv.

When asked how he feels when people ask if he is gay, he said: “Being gay is not a crime, it’s not a bad thing. It’s people’s lifestyle abroad, in the U.S.I don’t like people labeling me gay because I haven’t said it.Let me be the one to say it”.

Brown also recounted that his parents failed relationship made him depressed and traumatized.

”I talk to my dad, but I don’t talk to my mother. I won’t call her a wicked woman but she never cared about me.She sees my dad in me because they used to have this personal conflict. So anytime I am always around her, she sees me as my dad and always aggressive around me.Because of that, we don’t have a good relationship. I was traumatized growing up, I wanted to be loved by my parents despite their differences. I just wanted to be loved and be taken care of. I never had that. I got me depressed. My parents breakup traumatized me”.