Nollywood actor Karibi Fubara has been confirmed dead.

The death of the movie star was announced by his sister, Aya Eneli via her Twitter page on Wednesday, December 12, 2021.

“My brother, Karibi Fubara, has joined the ancestral realm. I’m devastated, but not hopeless. He lived fully and with joy. Left a great body of work. Will be a powerful ancestor. I love you, #ChiefBlack. I do not own the rights to this song,” she wrote.

Until his death, Fubara was a Nollywood actor who rose to prominence after starring in ‘Before 30.’
Karibi Fubara went on to star in several movies including God Calling, Quam’s Money, Castle and Castle, Royal Hibiscus Hotel and Smart Money Woman.

In 2020, the movie star took to his Instagram page where he revealed how he found out he had a large mid-stage kidney tumor/cancer.

He shared some gruesome images of what was taken out of his body and wrote: “VIEWER DISCRETION STRONGLY ADVISED*** So it’s been a month of tremendous revelation and rebirths in my life as I was told around Easter that I had a large mid-stage kidney tumor/cancer, and on May 3rd I had a very successful surgery remove about 90% of the tumor.  I am now home resting, reborn, & learning to live again.

I am beyond grateful to my amazing family and lifelong friends (you know yourselves) that stepped up to relentlessly wage the spiritual and physical battles needed to support me through this. Mad love to all the medical professionals (especially @euracarelagos ) that took such care of me to ensure that I walked out better then I walked in, you all are truly Angels amongst us please never forget that. —————-To @irdocnigeria for correctly diagnosing it when no one else did because I thought all I had was a pulled lower back muscle and for being my G throughout the whole process, I 🖤🖤🖤 Sir!

To @seunakinola for leading the team of doctors (when you didn’t have to) that operated on me for almost 8 hrs when we thought it would be a 4 hr max surgery.”To the ICU nurses & doctors @euracarelagos that diligently and with such kindness and dignity put up with all my needs and demands 24hrs for 6 straight days! I 🖤🖤🖤 you all!

To my @yolandaokereke you already know! Your faith turned to trust, turned to strength is all I will ever need. You are the head of our garden and my “so what’s next?” Babe! And to everyone struggling during these dark times please know that there is LIGHT even in death. Just check in with your feelings and fight to hold on to those that uplift you, that uplift us all, that uplift the God within! —————

My ongoing journey to full recovery is no doubt gonna be a blessed one, for in the Divine I live, move and have my being. Namaste!”

Karibi Fubara is survived by a wife, Yolanda Okereke.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.