Music star, Teni has fired back at music producer Shizzi following his comment after she complained about users.

The drama started when Teni tweeted her displeasure over people that ‘use’ others for personal gain.

She’d wrote ;

“Users have no pity, they’ll use you and feel no remorse, don’t let that crown shift. Walk away.”

Shizzi then quoted the tweet and replied ;

“Oh you don dey feel am? Them don dey serve you breakfast already? See who’s talking about users???”

Teni fired back ;

“You that you wanted to waste my life. Signed me with no plans. You gave my songs away, my mother paid you in full and I got out the contract, I walked away peacefully. Thank God for my mom, I would’ve still been singing on the streets of Atlanta.”

Shizzi then accused Teni of taking a song he produced with her to another in-house producer to recreat it ;

“You, that took a song that I produced with you “Case” and you went and gave your in-house producer to reproduce it without my consent and you released the song and your guy “Nurse Dolor” endorsed it with no remorse till 2day.., you’re talking about users.. nah stop it!”

On that claim, Teni asked Shizzi to drop the stems (raw format) if really he produced it.

“Drop the stems if you really produced it. Drop the stems in 10 minutes or you’re a lil bitch.”