Nollywood actress Bukunmi Oluwashina seemed emotional about her latest achievement over her newly released movie after being off the screen for a long time due to childbirth.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Bukunmi Oluwashina said she woke and discovered that her movie ‘Jankariwo’ has finally hit one million views, fifteen thousand likes and two thousand positive comments in less than two weeks.

Bukunmi Oluwashina noted that this is her first movie to earn such a view on Youtube.

The fast-rising actress added that her aim has constantly been beating her last records and not about other people’s achievements.

In her words: I WOKE UP TO JANKARIWO FINALLY HITTING A MILLON VIEWS!!! I’m very Emotional right now. You wouldn’t know why. But i do. Maybe it’s cos i have a lot of my movies on youtube. Some, Five years ago, some 3 years, Some two… And more. And out of all of them,

THIS IS MY FIRST MOVIE TO HIT A MILLON VIEWS. Not even up to two weeks. Within A week and Some Days. With 15,000 likes and Close to 2000 “POSITIVE” Comments. It can only be God. I’m in awe of how much you all love this movie.

You don’t know how happy i am right now!! As my aim has always been to beat my last records, Not about that of others, Because always beating your last records is where True and unpressurized growth comes from. And now i know how hard i would have to buckle up to beat this, later. I thought this would take a month though.

Since i was on a break for almost a year. Thought i would have to do a lot of work to reintroduced myself. But apparently, It seems like i never even left. Not even for a day… Cos shit*…even got better. #OnGod. Maybe it’s a sign of how much y’all have missed BUKUNMI OLUWASINA’S MOVIES.

Thank you for staying with me.
Thank you to Every Cast and Crew That made this magic with me.
Thank you to Everyone who reposted, watched or recommended JANKARIWO to others. Without God and you All, None of this is possible.