A Nigerian man has challenged other young men to beat his “doings” after he spent over N14 million at a club in Lagos.

The man recently took to Snapchat to share the receipt from a night out he had at a Lagos club and the total of the purchases that was made has left many Nigerians in awe.

The receipt shared on Snapchat showed the man spent over N14 million in a single night, with a chunk of the money going to drinks.

He shared the receipt with the caption, “Beat if if you can”.

Nigerians have now trooped to social media to react to the challenge. See some comments below,

@_kaimaa, “Which one be “Beat that if you can” oga nobody dey drag with you abeg 🤣🤣 rest!”

@viveeana, “Who dey compete with u”.

@chiglows, “Beat what? Who dey do competition with you?”

@lanreicecream, “Who dey compete with you? Abi beat what?”

@roz_p147, “Young man people have been beating that … but I’m not for that competition 😂😂😂😂 Doh”.

@_ohmybrows, “Lol, dey beat your thing dey go, nobody dey drag am with you”.

@doktorfabz, “Why will I beat it when I can use the money to buy car for myself as I still dey use public transport”.