Popular rapper, Naeto C who hasn’t been doing music for a while now has said he isn’t paying attention to Nigerian hip-hop. The ‘Kini big deal’ crooner made this known as a guest on Ikechukwu’s podcast ‘Drink with killz’.

When asked about what he feels about the Nigerian hip-hop genre at the moment, he said: “To be honest I am not even in the best position to answer because I am not paying attention. Besides listening to radio or hearing music when I am out, that’s has far as paying attention is for me.I am still connected to the industry because there are still bits and pieces of information I am privy to in passing”.

Sharing his thoughts on the usage of social media, the father of three said: “The thing about social media to be honest, is that you see what you want to see. If you don’t want to see something, you unfollow, you block. Sometimes, some things pop up and you look the other way. I don’t even look in my mentions. If you filter, you are going to see a lot less what you don’t see. That’s what everybody needs to do. To be honest, for a long time, I haven’t seen what I do not want to see on social media. I am on social media everyday”.