A video serving rounds online has captured the heartwarming moment a daughter surprised her mum with loads of gifts on her birthday.

In the viral video, the young lady showered her mum with numerous gifts, which included, money bouquet, a phone, bags and fabrics for traditional attire.

The mum, who couldn’t curtail her joy as she received the gifts from her daughter, burst into tears.

Watch the emotional video below,

In related news, a Nigerian father shed happy tears as he reunited with his son after nine years of being apart from each other.

The lovely moment was captured on camera and was shared by the brother of the returnee on Twitter — according to him, his dad hasn’t seen his brother in 9 years. In the video, the dad was first ectstatic seeing his son after almost a decade as he warmly embraced him.

Things later got quite emotional after the old man was shown the new car his son got for him. Overwhelmed with the gesture and reunion, the graceful father couldn’t hold back tears as his son comforted him. Watch video here