Popular Nigerian show promoter, Kogbagidi, has kicked upcoming singer, Portable, out of his house after the latter called dancer, Poco Lee, out.

Portable, who recently came into limelight after legendary singer, Olamide, jumped on his Zazu Zeh track, took to social media to accuse Poco Lee of hijacking his intellectual property and stealing the money Wizkid sprayed on him.

The Zazu star, in a video he shared on social media, lambasted Poco Lee, calling him a ripper and insisting that he return the money he allegedly stole from him.

Reacting to this, Portable’s manager, Kogbagidi, who was pissed off by the move, accosted him and sent him out of his house. Kogbagidi berated portable’s action, tagging it as unruly and unprofessional.

In his words,

“Unruly and unprofessional conduct is always expected from upcomings .You never can tell what goes on in their mind or head . Am shocked and embarrassed at this point . Do I need to fix your career and your head at the same time ?”

Watch video below,