A Nigerian man decided to prank his ex-girlfriend in an unusual manner but how she reacted took netizens aback with many wondering if the prank was planned prior.

The young man called his ex-partner, Desire and recorded their conversation — he started by first asking about her location and what she was doing there, before proceeding to tell her he has something to share with her.

When she granted him listening ears, he then narrated how he’d indulged in a fetish practice and unfortunately for him, it backfired and he now needs help. To sell the prank, he acted as though he was deeply troubled by his situation and needed remedy as quickly as possible.

His ex-girlfriend then asked him about the remedy and when he told her what it was, she surprisingly agreed to help him out, without possibly considering what it could cause her.

Her response to his woes, despite them being ex-partners has caused netizens to suggest that the lady still probably has feelings for him… if not, why would she put herself through such a thing.

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