Busty actress, Ejine Okoroafor has averred that it sucks being a Nigerian. The role interpreter made this known on her Instagram page while lamenting about the poor service Nigerian airlines render whenever she travels.

According to her: “I always want to get value for my money….Only Nigerian airlines that are very unapologetic in giving you poor service, or even give you a voucher.,it’s been a different experience with different airlines. It sucks to be a Nigerian”.

Her fans also lamented over the state of the nation in the comment section of her post.

@Onwocheia: It’s doesn’t suck been a Nigerian because you are Nigeria over all meaning you suck

@Vicor08: Ndo nne…. Nigeria will always be Nigeria

@Pessy2: It sucks to be a Nigerian o…wish I can denounce this country

Kemi Filani News recalls that Ejine had said that when it comes to Valentine’s day treats, she has never been fortunate.

“I don’t have any, I have not been fortunate with Valentine’s treat.

“Val Days are usually a lonely one for me.  I do visit the Motherless Home sometimes. On that day,  People think that the pretty gals are the happiest but no, we are the loneliest ones. But to me love is a beautiful thing. No matter how bad I have been hurt I will love again” she declared.