Popular Instagram dancer, Janemena has been berated on social media for calling herself the richest twerker.

Twerking means dancing in sensual way typically by thrusting or shaking the buttocks and hips while in a squatting or bent over position.

Janemena wrote in her Instastory: ”Sweetest, freshest, cleanest richest twerker ever liveth .If I no hype myself, who go hype me”

As expected her statement has elicited different reactions from her fans.

@Zeefoodhubng: Na wetin u for jeje dey do. But u chose to always come and embarrass ur self and ur people

@officialbobbyfredrick Na ur husband I just dey pity, what kind of man allows his legal wife n mother of his kids shamelessly disgracing their marriage to all n sundry…ur kayamata strong my darling

@Heatherlovesafrobeat: Whenever ppl shout on social media how rich they are they usually aren’t wealthy at all 😂 just my opinion lmao

@Iamkingdinero1: Wish sometimes we fit just rest from this social media , the kind unimaginable peace you will get eh you sef go shock

@Nenen_george: So are we still twerking together t o court or is mission aborted?

@talktoosa: Is twerking a profession,?