Rising singer, Anosike Ugochi, aka Ugoccie has stated that sexual harassment will never go away. Speaking in an interview with Kemi Filani News, the sonorous singer said:” You cannot avoid sexual harassment, it’s always going to be there. It’s never going away. For me, I would just say that I am learning to mind my business, be very careful with the people that I respond to, with the kind of relationships that I keep .I am trying to avoid any form of sexual harassment and taking precautionary measures by having pepper sprays, being careful where one goes to, being mindful of what I am drinking so my drink won’t get spiked. These streets are very wild”.

Ugoccie noted that her experience of being bullied while in school inspire her new song, ‘Due time’.

“My personal experience inspired due time. A couple of girls used to bully me back in school. These girls would make me feel like I wasn’t enough and I thought it would never end. So looking back at all that now, I am like this people cannot even come close to me anymore. I feel like as long as there is life and there is hope, everything will make sense in due time”.

Asked what she won’t do in the name of stardom, the former radio presenter said: “I don’t think there are things people won’t want to do in the name of stardom. However for me, I won’t smoke or have a tattoo”.