A young woman from Warri, Delta State, Jessica, has thanked God for saving her life by sending her husband into her life. 


Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the beautiful mother of two adorable boys revealed that she did so many awful things to herself in the past in the name of trying to be a “Big Girl” 


The recent graduate also revealed that she almost took her own life in the past. 



“I’ve done so many awful things to myself in the name of trying to be a Big Girl. And I thank God for sending his son (my husband) into my life and I thank God for growth because i dont know where I would have been today,” she wrote.


“When people thought my life would be ruined when I got married, I laughed because I knew it was just the beginning of a beautiful story for me.”


“If you dont know all the details you wont understand how happy I am to be where I am today. The girl who almost took her own life is actually now successful. It’s still a dream.


“My biggest flex is that I conquered despite all odds and surrounded by people who love me.” she added.