The President who famously boasted of leading from the front is now missing in action. Secure Nigeria or resign - PDP Reps tell Buhari

Members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caucus in the House of Representatives have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to tackle the security issues ravaging the country or resign.


The lawmakers who stated that Nigeria under Buhari has been seized by hostage-takers-bandits and terrorists who “extract ransom demands on the poor and impoverished citizens and turn homesteads, hamlets, villages, towns and cities into killing fields,” alleged that the “President is missing in action and rather than leading from the front as a general, he’s leading from the back”.


The caucus also said bandits, terrorists and kidnappers have continued to unleash their reigns of terror on helpless citizens, taking not “one highway, one rail link and one job at a time” but whole communities and regions in fell swoops whenever they choose to strike.


They also averred that the “President who famously boasted of leading from the front is now missing in action.”


The caucus in a statement signed by the leader of the caucus, Rep. Kingsley Chinda (PDP Rivers State), said; 


“Everywhere we turn, today, our dead are either being prepared for burials by families whose hearts are torn up by grief, or they are being mourned by families who can’t tell where the corpses of their loved ones are or where the killer squads will turn up next.

“Here is the stark truth of the Nigerian condition under Buhari’s ruinous rule; citizens are in a prolong, severe and intense state of mourning that has kept them stuck in acute anguish, pain and trauma.

“In his recent remark at the sidelines of the COP-26 Conference in Scotland, United Kingdom, General Buhari boasted: ‘We will defeat them, one highway, one rail link- and one job- at a time’. It is over three weeks since the Conference ended, no stone of resistance has been mobilized by the General against bandits, terrorists and kidnappers.

“The communities of Sabon Birni of Sokoto State, Kagara of Niger State, Karim Lamido of Taraba State, Katoge and Yanturaku of Katsina State, and of the north east, north west, south south and south east are witnesses to the reigns of terror.

“General Buhari is concerned only about his personal and family safety, and the safety of his lackeys.

“Typical of rulers in history who suffered from messianic complex, he thinks his personal survival is tantamount to the survival of the nation.”

“Time is running out. General Buhari should save our country by waking up from his long slumber or resign now.”