Media personality, Toke Makinwa, has revealed the secret to her ageless glow in a video she shared on her Instagram story.

Toke Makinwa reveals

In the video, she is seen receiving injections on strategic points on her face at a skincare outfit. According to her, she was given five injections.

There are speculation that the injection contained facial fillers which helps to temporarily soften wrinkles on the face.

The 37-year-old TV host captioned the video, “5 point injections for my eternal glow this season.”

Watch the videos below,

A while ago, Toke Makinwa cried out with claims that there is a ”nasty bug going around” as everyone she knows is sick.

According to Toke, she has been ill with COVID19 symptoms and has done six COVID19 tests, but they all returned negative

In her words ;

There is a nasty bug going around.

Everyone I know is sick.

It’s covid like with no loss of smell or tastre but all tests come out negative.

I have done 6 tests, all negative but I am in bed sick.

Maybe the change of weather ? Harmattan??

It starts with sore throats, head aches, fever tiredness. etc.